Thursday, September 24, 2009


What is going on with the Midwest these days? Somehow it has become a anchor for some amazing lo-fi acts. 'Campfires' are no exception to the rule, balmy vocals and hazy guitar work make this act a standout in the shit-storm of shit-gaze. "Stormy Late Fall," 'Campfires' mind blowing single, contains one of the catchiest guitar parts of this year. Fuzzy reverb and a crazy drum piece run rampant through the feel good hymn, creating the ideal song for a sunny drive. Grab a copy of both, "Stormy Late Fall" and "Daytime T.V. Blues," after the jump.

Campfires - Stormy Late Fall

Campfires - Daytime T.V. Blues

Look for 'Campfires' multiple cassettes in the near future.


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