Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat Killer

Cleveland Ohio's 'Cat Killer' is slowly on the rise to dream pop stardom. With blogs such as NPIP picking up his scent, its easy to conclude that this guy means business. Even though it is a solo project 'Cat Killer's' sound is only limited by the hazy recording methods taken that only adds to the already ethereal lyrics and guitar riffs. "Tree Limbs Together" is more of a late Summer song rather than a Fall jam, so snag a copy and take it to your end of the summer parties. Cat Killer also has a free EP(He even sends the CDR to your house!) out on his MySpace so make sure to message him about that. MP3 after the jump.

Cat Killer - Tree Limbs Together

There's no plans for a tour until a proper release, so we'll keep you posted.


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