Friday, September 18, 2009

Cough Cool

'Cough Cool' is a breezy, ethereal, lo-fi project out of Pennsylvania. The sounds that this guy produces are unbelievable, every song that I've heard sounds so gentle and well thought out. From the ambient bass hooks to the intoxicating guitar parts, 'Cough Cool' is what so many lo-fi bands strive to be but sadly don't make the cut. "Flower Reading" is a hazy, reverb drenched track that serves as the soundtrack to either late night star gazing or a sunny Sunday afternoon. No matter which way this song is enjoyed, nothing takes away from it's subtle beauty. Pick up the Mp3 after the jump.

Cough Cool - Flower Reading

"Digestible Doom" is out soon on Abandon Ship, "Buy Some Dust" is out soon on Bathetic, And a split 7" with SE favorite Ganglians is in the works as well.


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