Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink Priest

Autumn is just around the corner that means that the seasonal summer music will have to go away for yet another year. With that being said, 'Pink Priest' has produced some pretty impressive minimalist tunes for the chill of October and November. Tones and drones are 'Pink Priest's' forte, the fact that Watson can turn a slow hum into something so hauntingly beautiful, makes him a forced to be reckoned with in the world of ambient music. "She Was Dressed As A White Witch" my favorite of 'Priest's,' begins with a epic buzz that rings in your eardrums, until the faint sound of watery keyboard work is subtly placed throughout it. It's a great song for a foggy Autumn morning or a icy, crisp, Fall night. Also check out Watsons other project the breathtakingly sweet 'Wild Safari'. Snag "She Was Dressed As A White Witch," "It Melts My Heart" and "Apricot" all in shiny Mp3 format, after the jump.

Pink Priest - She Was Dressed As A White Witch

Pink Priest - It Melts My Heart

Pink Priest - Apricot

Expect a LP by next year, but if you cant wait till then the East Camden cassette comes out later this year. Also check out the Cold Rock 3" on Kimberly Dawn Recordings.


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