Saturday, September 26, 2009

White Crime

What happens when you mix the sad sound of late seventies era punk, with this years lo-fi movement? It's really not that hard to imagine, 'White Crimes' achieves this and make it look way too easy. 'White Crimes' is a ghostly lo-fi project from Oklahoma. A distorted guitar and mild but exceptional drumming, create some of the most hauntingly original music that has been produced to date. "Forgive The Arrows," my favorite song off the bands killer, "Ruining America EP," is a culmination of the bands talents. Fuzzy guitar parts dance as poignant vocals float over a thud of simple percussion. Grab "Forgive The Arrows" and "Toward The Abyss," after the jump.

White Crime - Forgive The Arrows

White Crime - Toward The Abyss

"Ruining America," is self released and is out right now!


EHR said...

Thanks for the kind words! It's actually out right now:

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