Thursday, October 15, 2009

Air Waves

If you're in Seattle right now you know that it's pouring, luckily I've got the perfect cure for the rainy day blues. 'Air Waves' were kind enough to hook it up with a couple new tracks. 'Air Waves' has been on our radar for a while now, with songs like "Shine On" and "Knockout" blowing up on the headquarters of our blogging buddy's, it's been hard to avoid the amazing surf folk. With the low amount of vitamin d around here during the winter, it's nice to have a band that can cheer you up, once and a while. "Lightning," a gorgeous love song that rivals any 'Magnetic Fields' jam, echos with a gauzy acoustic strum and a lush electric pick. Grab "Lightning," "Kingdom," "Shine On," and peep the dates, after the jump.

Air Waves - Lightning

Air Waves - Kingdom

Air Waves - Shine On

Oct 16 2009 8:00P
Market Hotel w/ Beach Fossils, PC Worship Brooklyn, New York
Oct 22 2009 8:00P
107 Suffolk St w/ Lemonade, Surfer Blood, Surf City,Violens New York, New York
Oct 23 2009 7:00P
Bruar Falls W/ Beach Fossils, Smith Westerns, Knight School, ++ Brooklyn, New York
Oct 24 2009 12:00P
Under Water Peoples Showcase CMJ @ Cameo Gallery Brooklyn, New York
Oct 25 2009 8:00P
1928 CMJ Showcase @ Union Pool Brooklyn, New York
Nov 5 2009 8:00P
Woodser W/ Grass Widow, Frankie & The Outs Brooklyn, New York

'Air Waves' self titled is out now and self released.


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