Thursday, October 8, 2009


At the risk of getting in trouble, I'm going to say, there are only about twenty projects in the world that can use samplers properly. Nevada's, 'Boneless' are in the top five. Thanks to our buddy's over at Get Off The Coast, 'Boneless' was brought to our attention earlier this week. For the past few days, I have been going to school, casually listening to the three tracks that were posted on GOTC, trying to think of the words to describe this outfit. It's best described as some of the best use of sampling I've heard all year. Take for instance "Breathless," this track is incredible, it's hard to imagine that ohhs and ahhs, with a couple of guitar chords could ever come close to sounding this good. Snag "Breathless" and two bonus tracks, after the jump.

Boneless - Breathless

Boneless - Better

Boneless - Water

No mention of a proper release but we'll keep you posted.


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