Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dizzy Jaguars

So, lo-fi is blowing up right now, whats the appeal of it though? For me, I think it's how endearing bedroom pop/rock is. I mean it's just a couple of guys/ladies jamming out in their garage, bedroom, or basement. That's what it's all about, doing it for the love of the game, I mean music, yeah music. Anyway this next band cranks out some pretty amazing stuff. "Dizzy Jaguars" is a unbelievable lo-fi duo from San Diego. Lovable lyrics and smooth pop riffs make this band a massive stand out in the dizzying mess of lo-fi acts these days. Dudes, tear it down. "You Always Break My Heart," is a outstanding production that harness's the bands main attributes, whimpering guitar and smokey vocals. Check out "You Always Break My Heart," "Blood Surfer," and the 'Washed Out-esque' "Waitin, On A Summer Day," all after the jump.

Dizzy Jaguars - You Always Break My Heart

Dizzy Jaguars - Blood Surfer

Dizzy Jaguars - Waitin, On A Summer Day

"Spinning," is out now and free at 'DJ's' Myspace!


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