Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guy Dallas

Good dance music isn't scarce these days, most of it being produced by the likes of 'Cut Copy' and 'Girl Talk,' it makes it that much harder for amazing new artists like 'Guy Dallas' to find a footing in the industry. Luckily, 'GD' puts out some amazing jams, it's best described as dance music for the lo-fi generation. On "Slangin," 'GD's' sickest single, bleeps and bloops pulse as bass is laid down for a robotic, slam dance, jam. Snag "Slangin" and peep the dates, after the jump.

Guy Dallas - "Slangin"

Oct 9 2009 8:00P
Dr.Disc Stage w/ Koushik Hamilton, Ontario

'Guy Dallas' S/T is out now and self released.


mark said...

..nice track in dos get up .. minimali and pedantial re-funk influei ... settled in score, let's see what shows in the manufacture of 'GD' development.. some would scheme bump brigde ambient.. need to hear more to see if my head tricks..


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