Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haunted Houses

Will lo-fi ever get old? Probably not as long as we have bands like 'Haunted Houses' around to keep us goons in line. Dude makes the jams. If I could soundtrack my life, I'd probably ask 'HH' to do it. Although the project is pretty bedroom rock, it's not the ears-bleed-core stuff we're used to hearing these days. It's far more delicate, extremely well put together dreamy jams. The song crafting is some of the best I've heard in a long time. While some of the songs are instrumentals, the vocals are simply put, prodigious. "Day After Hospital Part III" showcases these two attributes the best. Rainy guitar and heartsick vocals, make the song almost a perfect soundtrack to life's low points. Snag "Day After Hospital Part III" and four bonus Mp3's, after the jump.

Haunted Houses - Day After Hospital Part III

Haunted Houses - Ghost Friends

Haunted Houses - Thanks Anyway

Haunted Houses - This Is Bigger Than You And I

Haunted Houses - We Are Jackson Whites

No mention of a proper release but he does have a free EP at his Myspace!


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