Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summer Blondes

Oh teenage angst, is there anything quite like it, no I think not. Yes, high schools forever, your parents don't "get" you, these are the best times of your life, etc. Let's face it, even John Hughes would be envious of your high school career. OK, maybe not, but this next outfit is the perfect soundtrack to remind you of the best or in some cases worst, times of your life. 'Summer Blondes,' produce some the best somber lo-fi that we've heard in a while. Somehow they've successfully woven surf rock with good old fashion blues. "Trash'n USA" is the perfect example of this bands talents. The vocals though woeful, properly accompany the instrumentals, with just the right amount of howling. It brings you back to a time where pep rally's and football games were your only plans for a frigid Friday night. Grab "Trash'n USA," "Hangin' Ten With Mr. Cooper," and "Underager Rager!," all after the jump.

Summer Blondes - Trash'n USA

Summer Blondes - Hangin Ten With Mr. Cooper

Summer Blondes - Underager Rager!

No mention on a proper release but, as always, we'll keep you posted.


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