Saturday, September 26, 2009


Usually I like to listen to music solely on what season it correlates with, it just seems easier to relate to it in that way. That's all different with this next project. I don't think a season exists that this music could pair with. "Alphabets" is one of a few bands that I've encountered in which I am rendered speechless. Trying to put down what this sounds like in words, is like trying to punch Steven Seagal in the face, it's impossible. All I can really say as that it's bloody incredible. The sounds that this guy produces are insane, the drum work is some of the best I have ever heard. Alright enough talking about this, go listen. Snag a copy of "Lemur Toes Sneak Attack Battle Outs," "Lullabones Heatbath With Iguanadon Stomps," "Grandfather Zeb Rah Heart Speak," and "Migrating," after the jump.

Alphabets - Lemur Toes Sneak Attack Battle Outs

Alphabets - Lullabones Heatbath With Iguanadon Stomps

Alphabets - Grandfather Zeb Rah Heart Speak

Alphabets - Migrating

'Alphabets' has a ton of free albums on his Myspace and "Pow Sounds" the first official release is out now on the awesome Foxy Digitalis.


brad rose said...

YES! alphabets has become one of my absolute favorite projects in the few short months since i discovered his stuff. he's a total savant.

scoot said...

i love your comment brad. and yes, alphabets is dank.

King Treehouse said...

Colin OWNS

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