Saturday, September 26, 2009

S. Maharba

Is hip hop dead? It might seem that way with "artist's" like Soulja Boy taking credit for what they try to pass off as "hip hop." If hip hop did die, it's reborn through artist like 'S. Maharba.' The beats that 'Maharba' makes are simply put, amazing. "Jacket Switch," the single off of 'Maharba's,' exceptional self titled is (and this might get me in trouble) close too Dilla caliber. Bass assault's your eardrums, as you find yourself unable to control your head from nodding. Grab "Jacket Switch" and two bonus Mp3's, after the jump.

S. Maharba - Jacket Switch

S. Maharba - Heels

S. Maharba - Girls In Pearls

'S. Maharba' S/T is out now on Sassbologna.


Adam said...

been getting bck into hop hop lately, really appreciate this one.

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