Saturday, September 19, 2009

Candy Claws

'Candy Claws' is an experimental, ambient, dream-pop project based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Soft vocals, watery instrumentals, and shimmering fragments are assembled to produce some of this years warmest melody's. This is how dream-pop should sound. "Catamaran," is the bands stand out single, starting out with a sample of some ocean waves followed by a mellow strum of guitars and low key percussion. "Lantern Fish," is another mellow track that provides a catchy guitar hook and some great electronic work. Grab both Mp3's, a copy of "The Sun Is My Girl," and watch the video for "Catamaran," after the jump.

Candy Claws - Catamaran

Candy Claws - Lantern Fish

Candy Claws - The Sun Is My Girl

Catamaran from Candy Claws on Vimeo.

"In the Dream of the Sea Life" is out mid-October on Indiecater Records.


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