Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fluffy Lumbers

'Fluffy Lumbers' is another great lo-fi solo project from New Jersey. Like his buddy's from 'Real Estate' he creates beachy, surf rock that fits right into this summers unusual boom of the sub-genre. "Cruisers" is a great song that has the standard bedroom feel and "Cruisers Pt. 2 (Police Cruisers)" is a late, great, high energy, summer jam. Get both Mp3's, a bonus, and peep a live video of him covering 'The Cranberries' after the jump.

Fluffy Lumbers - Cruisers

Fluffy Lumbers - Cruisers Pt. 2 (Police Cruisers)

Fluffy Lumbers - Shore Patrol

The Police Cruisers 7" is out now on Weird Hug.


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