Monday, November 2, 2009

De Rol Le'

It's fall, so what? Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner(Ugh), whatever. Doesn't mean we can't wish this "Sno-Fi" would just go away and stay away. Need some tropical vibes asap? Look no further, 'De Rol Le'' has got you covered. On some aspects you could say 'De' is yet another great chill-wave act but you would be oh so wrong. This guy is the best of the best. He doesn't just make amazing islands jams, he's got some incredible ambient tracks as well. "Beach Cassette Jam," my favorite song, is a perfect example of 'De's' talents. It's sunny looped vocals and warm guitar part beckon, if not summer then the tropics. Check out "Beach Cassette Jam," "Summerflocking," and "November," after the jump.

De Rol Le' - Beach Cassette Jam

De Rol Le' - Summerflocking

De Rol Le' - November


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