Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Bad

Hey guyz, I just want to start by saying sorry. I'm really bad at this updating thing. Just in case you haven't been following us on twitter, my explanation for the lack of posts these past weeks is as follows. On OCT 22nd I was hit with some very bad news. My brother had fallen very ill with what seemed to be swine flu, so I decided to take him into the hospital. After waiting six hours in the emergency room we found out that he did indeed have H1N1. They gave him a shot of something and within the hour he was feeling a little better. Later I took him home and he immediately fell asleep. After calling my family I also fell asleep. The next morning I woke up with a knock on my door. I asked "WHAT!?" and received no answer, wanting to know who woke me up, I slammed open the door. It was my brother, well sort of. He was now half human, half bear. He groaned a awful growl and threw my across my room. Luckily, I was smoking salmon from a day or two before hand and began pelting him with the remainder of what I had not eaten. I smashed my bedroom window and jumped out. I landed on the grass below with my bear brother following in pursuit. As I hopped over the fence, I saw my neighbor waving me inside. So, instinctively I ran to the door. Only to find that she was also a "bearman." She swiped at me and took my arm clean off. After falling on the ground, in shock, because I just had my arm torn off, I decided to run for the hills, while both my brother and neighbor were fighting over my freshly severed arm. I ran for what seemed like 3 nights and came to a old abandoned mansion. The door creaked as I opened it to see if it was safe. A bag was suddenly thrown over my head and I was taken to a holding cell. After hours in the cell I was escorted into a room to meet a women named Sheila. Sheila was a homely women with bags under her eyes and a face only a mother could love. After a few whispers to her compatriots they knelt me in front of her. She then exclaimed "Have you come in contact with them?" Not knowing what was going on, I said the first thing that popped into my head, "Who the hell are you." She began to tell me a story, it seemed that I had been sleeping for a week due to the exhaustion of waiting six hours in the emergency room and that mankind as we know it had been turned into half man, half bear beasts. She said it was all caused by the swine flu vaccine. Apparently it had been replaced with a highly unstable neuro-toxin that led to humans turning into bears. She said "We are whats left. We are the resistance." I have now spent a couple days with the resistance and this all seems routine to me. We fight, some of us die, and some of us don't. It's all some kind of hellish nightmare, whats left of human kind has either been eaten by bears or is fighting in the resistance. I don't know were to go from here. I guess I'll just have to keep blogging about great music, in hopes of taking away some of the pain that fills all of our hearts. Our days are numbered my friends but more great music is on the way. Brian out.


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