Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jen Paul / No Lakes

What makes a good ambient song? That question has been in the back of my mind all summer. With awesome bands like Wild Safari, Cough Cool, and Pink Priest generating a lot of buzz, ambient music seems to be a fairly applicable thing to talk about. I know some people say, "Oh man, ambient music is something that you should be able to fall asleep to (ugh)." I beg to differ, personally I believe that ambient genre should be savored, it's not something you fall asleep to, it's something you contemplate. Take for example "Jen Paul / No Lakes," a ambient, shoegazey, solo project from Jersey. 'No Lakes' is a outfit that definitely should be admired. Oozing with teen angst, 'No lakes' is ambiance personified, or to put it shortly, girl can jam. Whining, ethereal, guitar parts are pieced together to create an atmospheric and almost airy vibe. Grab two beautiful Mp3's, after the jump.

Jen Paul / No Lakes - Sailors Ball On Ghost At Sea

Jen Paul / No Lakes - Muerte O Casamiento Durmiente

Look for 'No Lakes' split with 'Suicide Bliss,' out soon.


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